All three services are adaptable to your personal family needs

Antenatal Support

The run up to having a baby is a wonderful, extremely exciting time. It can also be overwhelming with a lot of uncertainty. I can help make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your birth, however that may look. Whether you would like a home birth or hospital birth, pain relief or a caesarean section, I aim to help guide you with up to date information in a safe space in order to tap into your intuition to make sure you have the best experience possible. I can also help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, what you might need for your hospital bag, preparing every family member for the new arrival, setting you up with your village for the postnatal period. After an initial complimentary meeting, you can book in as many sessions that you feel you would need in the run up to welcoming your wonderful arrival.

Full birth package

This package includes everything from preparing you for birth and your baby to post partum support and everything in between.

· Complimentary first meeting  
· 4 hours antenatal meet ups
· Adhoc message support through your entire pregnancy
· 24/7 on call from week 38 of pregnancy until your baby is born    
· 6 hours post natal visits  

This package is hugely adaptable and can be tailored to an individual family's needs.

Postnatal package

Up to four postnatal visits starting as soon after birth as you need until you feel comfortable and confident moving forward.
I can help you navigate post partum and make sure that your journey into parenthood and matrescence is as smooth as it can possibly be. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth baby there is always an adjustment period, a transition and a recovery time. This is where a doula can help.
I can help make sure that you are getting proper nourishment and a little extra rest while offering emotional support.
I can help you keep on top of your household whether that’s making lunch, activities for your older children so you can bond with your new baby or doing some light housework just to help you feel in control.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but this village doesn’t always come ready made and the search can be overwhelming. I’m here to help empower you into finding the right classes, groups and support, whatever form that may come in, to ensure you have a positive parenting journey.

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